1. Sewing and Installation of Curtains

We create made to measure curtains which will seamlessly fit any heading and window. First, measurement is conducted by our dedicated team at your space. Expert tailors subsequently sew according to dimensions and in an array of styles (wave fold, ripple fold, S wave fold, roman blind). Once ready, after a careful process of steaming and ironing, our window treatment team will handle curtain installation.


2. Sewing of decorative pillows-cushions-sunbeds-umbrellas

We create high-quality decorative pillows and cushions, employing different methods to best fit specifications and different style and size needs, even in cases of unconventional designs. Our skilled and creative tailors are also available to create one-of-a-kind umbrellas and custom-made sunbeds in specific dimensions.


3. Sewing of Runners-Couvre lits-Bed spreads

Our team of skillful tailors create bespoke runners, bed spreads or couvre-lits, based on specific measurements. We also undertake high volume production to meet up the demands of projects in the hospitality sector.


4. Sewing of Table cloths-Sous plats-Napkins

Our tailors are ready to transform fabrics into table cloths, sous plats or napkins that will strictly possess the required dimensions, along with durability, easy-to -wash and stain-resistant properties.


5. Installation of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds require to be sewn in a way that perfectly fits a window’s dimensions. Our qualified technicians take the necessary measurements for the creation of customized roller blinds and install them in every part of Greece. No matter the type of roller blind – black out, sunscreen or light filtering – we can guarantee the best outcome.


6. Installation of Electric Roller Blinds – Motorized Curtains

The successful installation and operation of electric roller blinds and motorized curtains involves precise measuring and a careful study of your space. Our qualified professionals take all the necessary steps to ensure proper installation, choice of remote control, smooth movement and function.


7. Carpet Installation

A successful carpet installation relies on the preparation. Our team of experienced installers will first take accurate measurements and create a thorough blueprint of the carpet, before it is cut. Furthermore, they choose a significant element: the proper underlay, a pad that is laid underneath to create a smooth walking feel and provide a noise reducing effect. Most importantly, they are trained to see every project through, from a simple playroom carpet installation to the more elaborate process of fitting for contract purposes.


8. Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper installation or the fitting of partial wall designs are complex processes best handled by professionals. First, our dedicated team conducts all the measurements necessary for placing the correct order. Then, they carefully inspect and prepare the surfaces, along with selecting the suitable type of glue. The installation is carried out with an attention to detail that leads to a perfectly smooth and even result.


9. LVT Flooring Installation

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring installation requires a similar, carefully though-out approach as carpet installation. The subfloor that LVT flooring will be applied on is inspected and measured by our team of certified installers. Once the LVT flooring is cut based on the measurements, our professionals make sure that every flooring level is properly installed to create the optimal end result.


10. Upholstery of Existing Furniture

Our skillful upholsterers can give new life to old, antique, family heirloom or just furniture pieces that you wish to see in a different light. The careful measurement and structure assessment of each piece ensures that the new upholstery will fit like a glove. From a simple stitching to complete antique restoration, we are ready to offer high volume services to meet the requirements of different projects.


11. Construction of Furniture

We are available to undertake the creation of specific pieces of cushioned furniture or soft furnishings from scratch, such as sofas, bedheads, stools, cushions or poufs. Each piece is tailored to precisely fit any space, curve or corner. Our handcrafted furniture are made to last, using only premium source materials.

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